5 Simple Steps to Make Bitter Guard Juice for Diabetes

If you are suffering from diabetes, you should take bitter gourd juice early every morning on an empty stomach for best results. Though most people appreciate its effectiveness, most are unable to look past its bitter taste. However, a little time with a bad aftertaste is better than bad health, right?
Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases that we Indians suffer from today. Mostly, it is due to genetics, but sometimes it can be caused by our sedentary lifestyle and improper food habits. In either case, diabetes can lead to life threatening situations. It has to be monitored, controlled and the diabetic person needs to be extra vigilant about his/her sugar intake. Timely medicine intake, getting proper exercise and precautions about the food they eat is part and parcel of a diabetic life. As diabetes can lead to a lot of other health problems, regular health checkups are a must. – See more at: http://www.ladiestylelife.com/5-simple-steps-to-make-bitter-gourd-juice-for-diabetes


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